A renewed sense of hope at EcoCity World Summit 2008

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An example of a green building from Flickr by sillydog

Delegates from across the globe are gathering this week in San Francisco to share ideas and innovations to advance the international movement for sustainable cities.

A WorldChanging blog by Holly Pearson highlights the seventh international EcoCity World Summit, which will be hosted by Oakland-based EcoCity Builders and partner organisations.

The international community of inspired change-makers are addressing the world’s environmental problems, whilst thinking of ” truly sustainable, ecologically, healthy and socially just” solutions.

Topics of agenda include
  • Ecological city design
  • Green architecture, green building
  • Renewable energy
  • Restoration of natural ecologies
  • Recycling
  • Green business incentives
  • Ecological footprint
Why are cities the main point of focus?

Richard Register, President of EcoCity Builders, explains that cities are, “directly connected to the state of the planet’s environment as well as to local problems and solutions, both ecological and economic.”

Mr Register went on to suggest that cities could run on a fraction of the energy and generate a fraction of the ecological impact if they were really well-designed and efficient.

The EcoCity World Summit Main Conference concludes tomorrow, with main topics of discussion being architecture, urban design, land use and government.

To register click here.

Sources:WorldChanging blog by Holly Pearson and EcoCity World Summit 2008

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