Earth Hour 2008 – worth an hour in the dark?

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The Earth is in our hands

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What is it?

In two days time, millions of people all over the world are expected to unite as one global community in the World Wildlife Fund’s effort to inspire people to take action on climate change.

WWF is asking everyone to take part in Earth Hour on March 29th between 8-9pm by switching off all lights.


However, despite so many people coming together for a seemingly worthy cause, there are still some sceptics that question whether fighting global warming is really necessary or if global warming even exists at all.

Panagiotis Chatzistamoulis from Greece is a regular contributer to a Facebook group, Global Warming Is Junk Science, and feels the same way he did about Americans who supported the war against Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

“They were conned. They thought they were doing the right thing.” is a website that claims to provide, “The Real ‘Inconvenient Truth’ ” in response to Al Gore’s documentary which highlighted the issue of global warming to the world.

The website suggests that there are “basic misconceptions” of the Earth and goes on to explain the ‘facts’.

To read’s version of the truth, click here.

Alternatively, get involved with Earth Hour and sign up here.

For further environmental news stories visit ENO –


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SEAC supporting No War No Warming’s protest in Washington D.C.

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The Student Environmental Action Coalition will be supporting No War No Warming‘s protest against war and global warming on March 19th. There will be action and protests all week long culminating on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Militarism and the Environmentis just one of SEAC‘s current initiatives and recognises the link between the destruction of the environment and war.

What is No War No Warming?

No War No Warming is a colaboration of over 50 organisations, most of which are committed to creating a just and sustainable world like SEAC. They will be joining other groups on protest day in Washington to demand for an end to the war.

The environmental activist community believes the U.S. has an ‘addiction’ to fossil fuels. Their website claims that, “the profits of the oil companies are at an all-time high while hundreds of thousands die in Iraq and gas prices keep going up.”

Through nonviolent means, No War No Warming wants to send out a clear message to institutions that they feel are making profit from a war for oil. To keep up-to-date with the schedule visit

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