Hong Kong seas in deep trouble

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Image from Flickr by Tom Weilenmann

The World Wildlife Fund urges people to sign a petition to save what’s left of Hong Kong’s natural marine life.

WWF Hong Kong launched the Save Our Seascampaign in 2004, but it’s waters are still suffering.

The campaign aims to:
  • protect marine biodiversity
  • restore fisheries
  • create new alternative jobs for fishermen
Ecological system on verge of collapse

Hong Kong’s seas were once abundant with marine life, including 80 species of hard coral and approximately 1,000 species of fish.

However, they are now suffering from overfishing and pollution caused by human beings.

WWF claims that Reef sharks are almost extinct, whilst Manta rays and the Green turtle have not been seen in years.

WWF‘s proposed solution:
  1. stop fishing in existing Marine Parks, turning them into real sancturies that can truly protect marine life.
  2. operate 10% of Hong Kong’s waters as ‘no-take zones,’ banning fishing and other disturbances in these areas
  3. stop uncontrolled fishing, by licensing all commercial fishing boats and setting catch quotas.
Take Action

Sign the petition and ask the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr. Donald Tsang Yam – kuen to stop Hong Kong’s ecological system from collapsing.

Sources: WWF Passport and WWF Hong Kong

For further environmental news stories visit ENO – www.environmentalnewsonline.com


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Earth First! blockades entrance to coal plant

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Image from Flickr by davipt

On Tuesday morning, activists from Blue Ridge Earth First! established a blockade at the entrance to Dominion Power’s James River headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

Three activists locked themselves to one another, blocking the only road in and out of the office complex for almost an hour.

The campaign was against the building of Dominion’s proposed new coal-fired power plant in Wise County, Virginia.

Supporters stood-by holding signs and banners demanding, ‘No Coal for Virginia.’

Why Chesapeake Climate Action Network believes the Wise County Coal Plant is bad for Virginia
  1. The plant would emit 5.4m tons of Co2 annually.
  2. Mountaintop removal coal mining would be exacerbated.
  3. 1476 jobs would be lost.
  4. It will will not be clean.
  5. The plant will not meet the Governor’s own carbon reduction goals.
  6. Opposition to the plant keeps growing.
  7. Virginia hasn’t invested in renewables or efficiency

Help deliver the mile-long petition with hundrerds of others on May 8th in Richmond.

Join CCAN in collecting 50,000 petition signatures by May 1st by clicking here.

Sources: CCAN

For further environmental news stories visit ENO – www.environmentalnewsonline.com

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Surfrider Foundation’s fight for ocean access in the USA

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The Surfrider Foundation is fighting against a proposed development permit for the Takanassee Beach Club property in Long Branch, New Jersey. The Foundation has launched a petition to try to persuade the NJ DEP to refuse the permit.

If the plans go ahead, public access to the ocean will be restricted by 19 luxury residences with path ways to the beach and 5 public parking spaces. The property previously operated as a private beach club allowing thousands to enjoy the ocean and Lake Takanassee.

John Weber, Surfrider Foundation’s Northeast Regional Manager said: “In short, coastal development is out of control here in New Jersey. We should be pulling away from the coast in the face of sea level rise, not building more condos etc.”

Reasons to fight

The property has historic importance and the Surfrider Foundation would like particular buildings to be saved and turned into some type of museum dedicated to the lifesaving services that once used them.

The development would mean a significant reduction in the number of people able to access the beach.

This site is in between the ocean and a coastal lake and has experienced flooding several times in recent years and the property has been ruled as an erosion hazard area.

The recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors would be reduced and their history lost.

The lake is on the City’s Roster of Open Space Inventory. The development will prevent people accessing the lake to fish in the current way and adversely impact public open space.

The problem

Despite this list of reasons to save the Takanassee Beach Club, Weber remains concerned over the prospect of losing the fight: “…our state Department of Environmental Protection is just too close with developers and their attourneys, so getting these coastal building permits is easier.”

But the fight continues whilst the project is on hold pending environmental review.

The Surfrider Foundation’s Mission Statement

“The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.”

For more information on the The Surfrider Foundation’s fight to Save Takanassee Beach visit http://www.savetakbeach.com/ . There is also a short documentary on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8dNH8UOPH8

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