Hong Kong seas in deep trouble

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Image from Flickr by Tom Weilenmann

The World Wildlife Fund urges people to sign a petition to save what’s left of Hong Kong’s natural marine life.

WWF Hong Kong launched the Save Our Seascampaign in 2004, but it’s waters are still suffering.

The campaign aims to:
  • protect marine biodiversity
  • restore fisheries
  • create new alternative jobs for fishermen
Ecological system on verge of collapse

Hong Kong’s seas were once abundant with marine life, including 80 species of hard coral and approximately 1,000 species of fish.

However, they are now suffering from overfishing and pollution caused by human beings.

WWF claims that Reef sharks are almost extinct, whilst Manta rays and the Green turtle have not been seen in years.

WWF‘s proposed solution:
  1. stop fishing in existing Marine Parks, turning them into real sancturies that can truly protect marine life.
  2. operate 10% of Hong Kong’s waters as ‘no-take zones,’ banning fishing and other disturbances in these areas
  3. stop uncontrolled fishing, by licensing all commercial fishing boats and setting catch quotas.
Take Action

Sign the petition and ask the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr. Donald Tsang Yam – kuen to stop Hong Kong’s ecological system from collapsing.

Sources: WWF Passport and WWF Hong Kong

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Earth Hour 2008 – worth an hour in the dark?

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The Earth is in our hands

Image from Flickr by aussiegall 

What is it?

In two days time, millions of people all over the world are expected to unite as one global community in the World Wildlife Fund’s effort to inspire people to take action on climate change.

WWF is asking everyone to take part in Earth Hour on March 29th between 8-9pm by switching off all lights.


However, despite so many people coming together for a seemingly worthy cause, there are still some sceptics that question whether fighting global warming is really necessary or if global warming even exists at all.

Panagiotis Chatzistamoulis from Greece is a regular contributer to a Facebook group, Global Warming Is Junk Science, and feels the same way he did about Americans who supported the war against Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

“They were conned. They thought they were doing the right thing.”

JunkScience.com is a website that claims to provide, “The Real ‘Inconvenient Truth’ ” in response to Al Gore’s documentary which highlighted the issue of global warming to the world.

The website suggests that there are “basic misconceptions” of the Earth and goes on to explain the ‘facts’.

To read JunkScience.com’s version of the truth, click here.

Alternatively, get involved with Earth Hour and sign up here.

For further environmental news stories visit ENO – www.environmentalnewsonline.com

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